November 13, 2019

High-Strength Corrosion-Resistant HTD Timing Belt Pulleys
Move belts forward and backward or quit and start them in precise positions,especially in areas where rust is a problem. The curved tooth on these high-torque drive (HTD) pulleys have more surface connection with belts than traditional trapezoidal tooth, which allows you to use more torque without harmful belts. These teeth suit together seamlessly to avoid backlash, or unwanted movement of the belt on the pulley, for a simple, quiet routine. These pulleys tend to be found in 3D printing, machine device drives, robotics, and additional applications where precision is vital. They are also known as curvilinear belt pulleys.
Set pulleys with an HTD timing belt which has the same pitch. The width of your belt should not be larger than the maximum belt width listed.
Aluminum pulleys won’t rust in damp or humid environments, but water remaining on the surface may cause them to corrode. Stainless steel pulleys could be wetted repeatedly without rusting or staining.
Bushing-mount pulleys hold the shaft more securely than press-suit pulleys, but need a quick-disconnect (QD) bushing (not included).
Ultra-High-Power Poly Chain Timing Belt Pulleys
Curved tooth with a higher pitch provide excellent load distribution and reduce wear. They install with a bushing for a more secure grip on the shaft than set screws. Bushing is not included.Select a pulley with a optimum belt width that’s the same or larger than your timing belt width.
Timing belt pulley options from Ever-power can provide positive drive action without slipping, assisting make them perfect for timing applications. A gear belt pulley, located inside an internal combustion engine, can disseminate rotational power. A cast iron timing pulley aids in preventing speed variation, and along with steel pulleys, can be used for heavy-duty applications. Use a lightweight light weight aluminum belt pulley for applications needing up to 1/4 HP. Store Grainger for a timing belt pulley today.
Gates timing belt pulleys are precisely engineered for positive press match minimum belt wobble, designed to optimize the efficiency and durable working assistance lifestyle of your Gates timing belt drive system. For those who have a non-standard belt drive program, the Gates Made-to-Purchase Metals team could work with you to create a custom engineered answer.
You can expect timing pulleys and matching timing belts pulleys with various profiles; due to differences in pitch, size, and tooth form, different profiles aren’t interchangeable. Ever-power’s MXL, XL, L, 40DP, and T Series timing pulleys have a trapezoidal form, while our HTD and GT2 timing pulleys possess a curvilinear groove profile.
Request a on standard or custom timing belt pulleys. Get in touch with Ever-power at hzpt@hzpt.com
for more information or even to discuss your unique light weight aluminum timing belt pulley requirements.

T5 Series Timing Belt Pulleys
Pulleys are aluminum for good corrosion resistance. Select a pulley with a maximum belt width that’s the same or bigger than your timing belt width.