November 19, 2019

Ever-power Roller Chain & Sprockets is a premier provider of high-quality metric roller chain sprockets such as British Regular (Metric) Roller Chain. We stock a wide range of metric roller chain sprockets quickly the shelf for instant delivery. Our metric sprockets are usually supplied as standard steel with heat-treated tooth (up to 30 the teeth) and stock bores. Whenever a sprocket offers heat-treated hardened teeth, it typically lasts longer and performs better than those that don’t. We also stock various finished metric bore sprockets, but if we don’t possess it on the shelf, our in-house machine shop can re-bore the sprocket. We also have sprockets with completed bore configurations, taper bushed style, QD style and different materials (plastic, stainless steel and more). We also manufacture customized metric sprockets upon request with an instant turnaround.
What sets us apart from the remaining crowd is our experienced and knowledgeable staff, paired up with extremely competitive pricing and excellent service. Another thing that gives Ever-power Roller Chain & Sprockets a large advantage operating and availability is definitely our on-site, fully equipped machine shop division. Thus giving us the ability to re-bore sprockets with a fast turnaround, create assemblies and more! Our metric roller chain sprockets are produced to ISO or DIN specifications so they straight interchange with additional brands of metric chain sprockets. This also ensures the correct contact between the roller chain and sprocket, that will prevent premature wear.
The majority of sprockets we have on our online catalog are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment, but not our metric roller chain sprockets are on our website. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you have queries or you may need a quote, please e mail us and we’ll be happy to assist you. Along with metric sprockets and chain, we likewise have a full type of motors, gearboxes, bearings, shafting, belting, gears, equipment racking, linear motion products, hydraulics, pneumatics, sensors, pumps, filters, fuses, hubs and much more.

Metric Sprockets Overview
TL Taper Bushed Metric Sprockets
TL Sprockets are stocked in a wide selection of sizes which includes ISO 06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B and 20B chain sizes (3/8 to 1-1/4” pitch) for single, dual and triple chain. These install with standard TL tapered bushings from 1008 thru 5050 (we.e., thru a 5” or 125mm shaft diameter). TL Sprockets can be found in an array of diameters to support various software speeds. The more popular sizes are stocked with hardened the teeth. The C45 materials, standard steel sprockets, allows for induction hardening of tooth. So all could be heat treated Hardened The teeth on ask for. The TL Taper Bushed Sprocket provides a true concentric match to the shaft. As the TL bushing screws are tightened, the bushing compresses around the shaft safely. Standard hex wrenches are the only tool required for set up or removal. After the bushing mounting screws are loosened and removed, the screw can be re-used and threaded into the bushing removal hole. Tightening the removal screw will lightly loosen the sprocket. PTI stocks both metric and in . bore TL bushings, a typical global design, which is why the TL sprocket is indeed versatile. Simple installation, concentric shaft match, suitable for higher speeds and large loads plus a cost-effective cost, make this the favorite choice for new styles and replacement requirements. TL sprockets are usually less expensive than custom or finished bored sprockets. Hub Type Metric Sprockets Hub Type Metric Sprockets can be found with a minimum ordinary bore (pilot bore) and some share finished bore sizes. Any shaft size can be done with our custom bore and keyway ability. Sprockets with hubs are usually suited to the shaft as a clearance match. They are held in place with two established screws and a keyway. Clearance fits are well-known for light loads and slow speeds. A press suit (or shrink suit to the shaft) is usually preferred for higher speeds or heavier loads as they match to the shaft more safely than a clearance fit sprocket. Depending on the clearance of the shaft fit, sprockets may work somewhat on the shaft causing feasible fretting or shaft wear. All regular hub sprockets can be found with hardened teeth from stock or on request. Press fits usually need the sprocket to end up being heated for set up to broaden the bore. As a heated sprocket cools, it shrinks, conforming to the shaft with a good grip. A arranged screw secures the key. The TL Taper Bushed Sprocket will function just like the press fit sprocket and generally simpler to install. Plate Type Metric Sprockets Plate Sprockets for solitary, dual or triple strand chain are a cost-effective choice allowing for immediate mounting to the clients’ hub or shaft. They are most frequently regarded for sprockets above 40 teeth and are available in an array of diameters. Plate type sprockets could be welded or bolted right to the users’ hub keeping equipment compact and light-weight. They can be purchased in single, dual and triple tooth configurations as well. Weld on Hubs A Weld-On-Hub is frequently used to simplify installation, especially huge diameter sprockets. PTI stocks standard TL Weld-OnHub sizes. The Weld-On-Hub uses the typical TL bushings as do most of the other regular drive parts. TL Bushings are stocked in both metric and ” bores. TL Bushings for Weld-On-Hubs or TL Bushed Sprockets TL Taper Bushings for Weld-OnHubs and sprockets are stocked from 1008 thru 5050 sizes covering 5” or 125mm shaft sizes. TL Bushings are perfect for replacements and a modern solution for upgrading clearance suit and press suit sprockets. TL Bushings are found in a wide variety of various other European and American standard drive products. STAINLESS Metric Sprockets Stainless Steel (AISI 304L) Metric Sprockets provide corrosion resistance and allow wash-down ability. These hub type sprockets could be given a completed bore and keyway. Stainless Sprockets cannot be hardened. PTI stocks sizes from ISO 06B thru 16B (3/8” -1” pitch) and from 12 to 25 & 30 tooth. Larger sizes on demand. TL Bushed edition also on request. Metric Idler and Double-Solitary Sprockets Metric Idler Sprockets are plate sprockets with a ball bearing for installation. These sprockets generally provide pressure for the chain drive and can be utilized within a tension arm assembly or separately mounted to position the drive. Stock sizes are available for ISO 05B thru 20B metric chain sizes. Double-Single Sprockets, popular on conveyors, allow 2 single chains about the same sprocket to regulate pairs of rolls or drive systems that must index. Custom Metric or ANSI Sprockets Custom made sprockets including huge diameter steel or cast iron units for single, duplex or triple strand chain could be made to order. PTI typically continues some stock inside our European warehouse, so delivery could possibly be rather quick. Various other customized sprockets sizes for Metric conveyor chain or ANSI chain are also feasible. Drawings are preferred to insure requirements are clear. All are possible with customized finished bore.