December 27, 2019

China fluid coupling
Solution design

The company possesses load limiting type of consistent filling fluid coupling,load restricting type drinking water medium hydraulic coupling,variable velocity fluid coupling,coupling,friction coupling collection of all productions.

The primary products

At existing, we are specialized in making restricting kind of constant filling fluid coupling, variable velocity fluid coupling and numerous couplings series. In addition, we can also make specific non-standardized products demanded by clients.

fluid coupling

YOT Collection Operation Principle

The YOT sequence variable pace fluid couplings are functioning in the subsequent basic principle: the rotating component consist of two bladed wheels-a pump wheel and a turbe wheel, the place between them is partially filled with a working fluid. The pump wheel is pushed by motor, the rotating wheel brings the fluid into rotation and thus transform input mechanical vitality into fluid vitality, back again to mechanical strength.

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