V&T V9 220kw V F Vector Torque Control with Encoder Feedback AC Drive

V&T V9 220kw V F Vector Torque Control with Encoder Feedback AC Drive

V9 Collection CZPT objective Inverter
Straightforward Management / Helpful Interface/ Multifunction Procedure / Excellent Succession

About Item
The V9−H Series CZPT Objective Inverter is a higher-overall performance vector handle and torque-managed inverter. Vector handle tactics and torque control strategies are used. The V9−H product voltage selection 220V and 380V, Electricity selection .75Kw to 630Kw. It can fit synchronous and asynchronous motor. Synchronous open loop, Synchronous closed loop, Asynchronous V/F, Asynchronous shut loop, Asynchronous vector, these control modes can meet different wants.

Agent Market
Machine instrument market, Raise, Crane business, Air compressor business, Papermaking business, Oilfield, CZPT business, Metal processing, Municipal engineering, Textile industry, Printing and packaging, CZPT mining, Processing center, Wooden processing, Cable CZPT, Food Packaging, CZPT Cars, Centrifuges and High-conclude applications ect.


Δ   Multiple Technique Loop Handle Modes

Position loop

Pace loop

Torque loop

Δ  Speed Command Variety Is Adaptable and Hassle-free

Modbus conversation

Keyboard given

Analog presented

Multi-segment pace given

Terminal UP/DN provided

Process PID given

Simple PLC velocity offered

Δ  Multiple Operating Instructions Setting Techniques

Modbus interaction

Keyboard presented

Terminal offered

Δ  LED Operation Panel / Liquid crystal display Liquid Crystal Operation Panel Are Optional

Modbus conversation, common community port link are adopted in LED operation panel / Liquid crystal display liquid crystal procedure panel

The structure of the button accords with ergonomic theory

1-button parameter entry and exit,simple to work

Parameter duplicate purpose, remote handle box perform (up to 500m) can be recognized by the operation panel

The procedure panel has a password lock function to stop non-experts from altering parameters by blunder

Δ  Upper Laptop Interaction

Supply 485 conversation interface, the interaction protocol is Modbus

Parameter add and down load features can be carried out


V&T V9 220kw V F Vector Torque Control with Encoder Feedback AC Drive