January 7, 2020

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Explanation of Hydraulic Rock Splitting Machine
1. Hydraulic rock splitter is maninly made up of power pump pack and hydraulic cylinder. Mainly relevant to the secondary breaking;
2. First drill hole in stone, then insert hydraulic cylinders which is certainly contain wedge and feathers, Begin engine to supply hydraulic pressure;
3. Repeat the process before whole structure is usually fractured into smaller sized sections and prepared for removal.
Rock splitting wedge
Rock splitting wedge is certainly a kind of manual tools that uses manpower to influence the metallic wedge into holes on rock, thereby split rock. Rock splitting wedge mainly used in splitting cracked stone and arch rock which by utilizing a wedge set can be sectioned off into smaller or standard stone blocks. Rock splitting wedge for splitting stone can also trim relative large and irregular rock blocks.
The stone is often broken right into a lot of pieces, so that the use rate of stone is significantly less than 30%.That is, the mining of stone is labor, period, but also caused a great waste of assets.If the use of splitting machine mining, as long as the stone to be mined on the surface of a couple of holes and some grooves, and then utilize the splitting machine split under the rock.If the same mining 10 meters long, 6 meters wide, 6 meters high rock, only 10 holes, a complete amount of 60 meters.

It contains two parts: hydraulic pump station and splitter. The cylinder is powered by the ultra-high pressure essential oil result from the pump station. After mechanical amplification, the split object could be split in the predetermined path.Product features:
Splitting process without vibration, simply no impact, no noise, no dust, a few seconds to comprehensive the splitting, one big splitting force up to 5,000 tons, may control the splitting, dismantling, splitting size, light weight, simple operation, easy maintenance can be used in indoor and narrow site demolition work can be used for underwater construction.
Application of Hydraulic Rock Splitting Machine

1. Split all sorts of natural stones, rock, granite, marble mining & quarrying;
2. Remove redundant reinforced concrete structures, cement machine beds and plinths etc;
3. Underwater demolition & Demolition in a limited space;
4. Managed demolition of pillars, concrete and walls where heavy gear is impractical.
1. Hydraulic rock splitter is maninly composed of power pump pack and hydraulic cylinder. Mainly applicable

to the secondary breaking. First drill hole in rock, then put in hydraulic cylinders which is certainly consist of wedge and feathers. Start engine to provide hydraulic pressure. Replicate the process until the whole structure is usually fractured into smaller sized sections and prepared for removal.

2. Remove redundant reinforced concrete structures, concrete machine beds and plinths etc.

3. Split all sorts of natural stones, rock, granite, marble mining & quarrying.

4. Now additionally it is widely used in mineral mining(cave mining) , civil engineering structure and demolition. Additionally it is an indispensable tool in construction, river dredging, salvation etc.
Features of Hydraulic Rock Splitting Machine

1. Enormous splitting force up to 500 tons & vibration free;
2. Dust free and near silent procedure & Light weight and Easy electric motor shims handling;
3. Different sizes of counter wedge and center wedge can use on the same splitter.
1. Secure. Static demolition, no sound no dangers to workers.

2. Environmental. Splitting slowly and power, no pollution to the surroundings.

3. Economical. Cost-effective and high performance, regularly working without maintenance.

4. Precise. Splitter could possibly be put in pre-drilled holes and split according to precise directions, sizes and shapes.

5. Convenient. Gadget with special style, pulley with wheels, wedge with handles, ease and convenient for employee to operate.
Splitting wedges and shims meant for Darda rock splitter

It is our newly developed items for quarrying and civil structure, which is mainly applicable to the secondary breaking of huge boulders, squaring breaking of large boulders ,squaring blocks. its great points are easy procedure, and splitting so quickly, only need a number of sends.


1)Tremendous splitting force up to 410 tons

2)Dust free and near silent operation

3)Vibration free

4)Light weight

5)Precision work

6)Always controllable

7)For use in close quarters and hard to access places.

8)Easy handling
the vane is one of the core of oil pump’s parts. Vane Oil Pump is widely used in Automobile VCT; Except Vane essential oil Pump meets the auto lubrication demand, it could save more energy evaluating ration pump, also it increases the security under the hot idel quickness and temperature and high acceleration comparing regular adjustable pump.