November 25, 2019

Sprockets for double pitch roller chains can be found in an individual or double-toothed style. Single-toothed sprockets for dual pitch roller chains have the same behaviour as standard sprockets for roller chains according to ISO 606. Because of the bigger chain pitch of dual pitch roller chains it is possible to increase toughness by toothing modifications.

Double-toothed sprockets can be found either completely or in half tooth steps. Complete tooth techniques are double-toothed to ensure that only a part of the the teeth is used effectively. The advantage is that when the chain is certainly exchanged the so far unutilised the teeth can be used after that, and the sprockets can stay in the system.
In order to increase the life cycle of a chain drive a lot more, sprockets can be produced with fifty percent tooth steps. With every rotation the chain joints move one tooth ahead in the meshing. This decreases the put on of the chain and the tooth edges. This sort of toothing is often used when, due to the respective design, only minor deflections can be realised.
Our sprockets and plate sprockets are made from C 45, stainless, and special materials with a material strength of between 500 N/mm² and 600 N/mm². Apart from hardened toothing, we also supply surface area treated types.
Dual pitch roller chains are manufactured according to the respective order and customers’ specifications.
On demand we supply sprockets with:
Bore and grove
Tapped and pin holes for bore
Tapped and pin holes for bore on pitch circle
Slot holes on hub and hole circle

Our sprockets for dual pitch roller chains are available in an individual or in a double-toothed version.

Our in-stock standard dual pitch sprockets are produced out of SAE-1045 case hardened metal with extra-hardened teeth and coated with black oxide. These sprockets are extremely durable, high-strength, and manufactured to high precision tolerances. Stock dual pitch sprockets include regular roller and carrier roller design, single duty sprockets are created to purchase and typically take from a few business days to some weeks to produce based on our factory loads and sprocket specifics.
Standard Roller Type
Standard roller type sprockets will be the same outside diameter and width as the single-pitch equivalent just with a different tooth profile to permit appropriate seating of the chain. On also tooth-counts, these sprockets just build relationships the chain on every other tooth because there are two tooth per pitch. On odd tooth counts, any provided tooth is engaged just on every other revolution which of training course increases the sprocket life.
Carrier Roller Type
Carrier roller type dual pitch sprockets are cut with space cutters to allow the carrier roller to properly seat and engage with each tooth. These sprockets will have the same diameter as the ANSI single-pitch comparative.
Single Duty Type
One duty sprockets are manufactured to where every tooth gets engaged evenly on every revolution. This sprocket type is becoming obsolete in most applications but is still available.
When using dual pitch roller chain it is highly recommended if not necessary to use a double pitch sprocket. The reason being double pitch sprockets are manufactured with a special tooth profile that allows for the roller to correctly seat and build relationships one’s teeth of the sprocket. The above photo on the left may be the regular tooth profile and the photo on the right is the special double pitch sprocket profile. As possible plainly see above, the double pitch sprockets tooth profile can be somewhat deeper and cut differently to fully accept the dual pitch chain roller. If using a standard sprocket, failure to engage will lead to chain jumping as well as excessive wear. Something important to note is usually that with chain sizes C2040, C2050, C2060, C2060H, C2080H, C2100H, C2120H, and C2160H when the tooth count is certainly 31 or more you can make use of a typical roller chain sprocket. This rule does not apply to carrier roller design chains which where the roller diameter exceeds the sidebar elevation, these chain sizes include C2042, C2052, C2062, C2062H, C2082H, C2102H, C2122H, and C2162H.
2042A16 Sprocket